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Chongqing Yongda Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in September 1999. In December 2004, it was separated from Chongqing Qingshan Industrial Co., Ltd. as the principal and subsidiary company. It was converted from solely state-owned to collective ownership of employees. The company specializes in the production and manufacture of automobile disc gears, axle gears and synchronizers. 


Worm Gear Reducer Common Fault Causes and Solutions
First, common problems and their causes Keywords: Reducer, Gearbox, Gearbox
Powder metallurgy
Powder metallurgy is the process technology for making metal or using metal powder (or
The development prospect of powder metallurgy gears
Although the powder metallurgy industry has undergone rapid development in the past 10
China's gas-assisted injection molding technology has achieved a major breakthrough in R & D



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